Friday, 23 September 2011

The kitchen

This is pretty much the colour of the kitchen, except it doesn't have a glass splash back and we are not sure of the colour yet.

Rangehood and freestanding oven
Cupboards and benchtop


  1. Hi,

    I am just about to undergo a kitchen renovation myself. Could you please tell me where you got this kitchen image from? I am trying to match the colour of the woodgrain and cabinets overhead.

    Much appreciated.



    1. Hi Lee,

      The kitchen is from a display home at Oran Park. It is the Havana by McDonald Jones Homes. It is pretty much the same as our kitchen although the grain runs vertical on ours, not sure why it differs... If you want the colours let me know as I will have to find our documents.


  2. Hi,

    Thanks so much for the reply. I'd really appreciate it if you could find the colour ID of the grain for the cupboards as well as the colour for the cupboards above.

    I really enjoyed reading through your blog, your home looks fantastic!


  3. Hi Cameron - Katie,

    Was there any update with the colour of the laminate and the manufacturer in this photo?

  4. Hey sorry,

    There is a post dating back a bit about the colours that I found -

    Kitchen bench top New Cairo
    Kitchen kickboard Formica Silver Shadow Velour Finish
    Underbench colour Laminex Lustrous Elm Natural Finish (Vertical)
    Overhead cupboard colour Laminex Pearl Grey Natural Finish
    Glass splashback Standard Clear - Cosmic Aura

    See this link as it has the colours and some photos.


  5. Hey,

    All good, Yeah I saw that info but those colours are different hence why I decided to ask you. It seems the Lustrous Elm is alot darker and has vertical grain where as this grain is alot lighter and horizontal. I thought maybe Mc Donald Jones may have a colour range for you to select from and may have the actual colour name in the brochure under the photo?

  6. Not sure those are the colours in our kitchen, if see photos of our kitchen you will see. Maybe it is the lighting? As I mentioned not sure why but ours is running horizontal and not vertical like the one in the display village.