Thursday, 17 May 2012

The driveway

Been a while since I have updated the blog.

The driveway has been laid today. Couldn't see much as it was dark when we went past. House looks like it has been cleaned also.

We also have our gas meter. We have had the standard oyster lights installed which we didn't realise we were getting. Good for now and will replace them once we get a chance.

Also had our glass kitchen splashback installed which looks great.

When looking around the house it looks like someone has tried to get in through one of the windows in the living area... Not impressed. They have bent all the window frame. See what happens about that.

Landscaping is to start next week.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The main tiling

The tilers were back last week. When we went past saw them putting in some long hours. The main tiling - living/dining/kitchen/entry is all done now. Looks great.

The bathrooms look like they are all complete too. Towel rails, toilet roll holders, toilets, etc all done.

The door handles are on all the doors too, so last week was a busy week.

Now waiting on glass splashback in the kitchen, carpet, driveway and landscaping. Fingers cross the driveway is started this week.

Peeking through the window

Pillars and tiling done

Entry tiled