Friday, 23 September 2011

The colour selection

Today we visited the office at Norwest to go through the colour selections.

We were shown 4 variations for the outside and luckily for us one of the options was exactly what we were going to choose anyway. I thought we were going to have certain colours, materials etc to choose from and pick and choose as we like but they had set colour packages to choose from that had already been selected by the interior designers at McDonald Jones.

After choosing the outside colours which was easy as we knew exactly what we were after, it was onto the interior. This was tougher as we liked different colours/materials from all of them. So it became a process of elimination by choosing the colour/tiles/benchtops we didn't like from each package and eliminating it. Actually made it quite easy and also made it easier once we had the outside colours to see next to the interior colours.

One package we liked didn't have the top and bottom cupboards in different finishes, which is something we liked after looking at the display homes. So this was eliminated. 2 other packages had wooden floors which I was against although Katie liked, but I gave in on the facade so we agreed against the packages that had the wooden floors. Another package the main floor tiles were too dark and we wanted something lighter so that was out. The other package after looking at it was too plain, so it made the decision easy.

We were shown the tapware, bath, toilet, basins, shower, laundry sink which we had no choice over. We liked everything anyway although I would have liked the chrome surround or frameless shower, but no big deal.

We had a choice of the oven, cooktop and range hood. We went with the free standing Omega oven and cooktop and the stainless steel flat (industrial looking) range hood. We had an option of the glass curve or glass flat range hood, but preferred the stainless steel flat to match the oven.

The other choice we had was the kitchen sink. We chose the new design under mount drop in double bowl sink. This was in the display home at Jordan Springs and looks great.

The garage door is B&D Contemporary and had no choice over this so it was good that this was the one we liked anyway even if we had to choose.

They didn't have a couple of the items there as they were still getting the boards made up in Newcastle. We didn't get to see the colour of the glass splashback, the driveway colour or the carpet colour/style. We can't change these anyway but it would have been nice to see the colours. When we got home we found the driveway and carpet colour anyway.

Also found out that we get a whirlybird installed (which I noticed in the contract yesterday).

All in all we walked away very happy and glad that it wasn't stressful. It was good that we had to choose from the packages available as it takes out the guess work of matching colours and also knowing that interior designers have chosen the colours and they know what works best together.

Other exciting news today, we found out our number -30- so now we are not just a Lot.

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