Monday, 26 March 2012

The builders behind us

Went to look at the house today and saw that the builders behind us have knocked over our security fence onto the house.

To make matters worse they tried to cover up the chipped bricks with concrete! WTF!?!

The only positive is the water tank will cover it up but who is not to say we won't move it one day? Not impressed!

The fence is done behind although they have only done the fence to their garage! So now we will have to organize the rest of the fence along the back when we do the other fences. Why would you only do half a fence? Idiots.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The lockout

We are officially locked out... Garage door is on and the front and laundry doors are on, locking us out of our house. So now we have to peer through the windows :)

The internal doors have started to be put up and the electricals are being cut out.

Gyprock is finished, cornices finished and skirting boards are all done too.

Next week should see the kitchen started. Then I guess the bathrooms and tiling will start?!

Garage door

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The gyprock continues

Looks like the gyprock has finished. Took about a week to do the walls and ceiling.

Yesterday the cornices were done and the wet areas have had the first stage of water proofing.

Monday, 12 March 2012

The gyprock

They have started gyprocking the walls and ceilings. Should be all finished this week. Then next week start waterproofing the wet areas. The house is already starting to take shape inside with some of the walls in and parts of the roof. Can't wait to see the progress made in the coming week.

The brick cleaners finished cleaning the bricks last week. The eaves were completed and the downpipes were all done too.

Insulation also started last week, so they were pretty busy last week at the house.

Monday, 5 March 2012

The electricals

Bit of an update since the roof started. We finally saw some nice weather and the roof was finished rather quickly. Looks great. Site has been cleaned up too.

The 2nd column out the front was finally finished off just in time for the brick cleaning to start. The brick cleaning started last week, just the sides of the house to be finished now.

The electricals/telephone line have been roughed in.

Just waiting for the brick cleaning to finish and the outside will almost be done. Everything for the eaves is on site but with this weather it isn't helping. Hopefully they can get to that this week to get us to lock up?

Also spoke to the builders who are building the house behind us and they are doing colorbond fencing so that was good news.

Our whirly bird

Roof done

Clean bricks