Sunday, 24 June 2012

The countdown

Well we rushed around and sorted out the mortgage so we are ready for settlement> Was going to happen Monday but now Thursday.

Top soil was delivered and spread out on Saturday.

The paint touch ups and other fixes should be done tomorrow/Tuesday. Final inspection on Thursday hopefully and a handover of the keys!

We noticed a cracked tile on the front porch yesterday and also one of the pipes connecting the rain water tank has been a massive hole in it (think the landscaper has done it), so I guess that will be something to get fixed once we are moved in as I doubt it would be fixed before Thursday.

Our current house is filled with boxes as we packed the remaining things today with enough to get us through the week.

Also busy organising fence quotes. Good news is the vacant block next to us said to send through the quote we go with and they will organise their 50% (this is Eden Brae). House behind is rented so need to chase up the owners. Hopefully there are no delays with them.

Hoping to start the moving process on Saturday and get everything moved over to our new home :)

5 more days!

Monday, 18 June 2012


Been waiting a long time for this day.
We had our PCI with our SS Wayne this morning. He has been great since being on board and always happy to help us with any questions we had.

Not a lot to fix up which is great. They have done a great job! A few minor paint touch ups, replacing the chipped brick at the front entry, a couple of patch ups on the walls. Also getting the window looked at where someone tried to break in.

We just need this sun to shine to dry up the outside so they can finish the landscaping and paint the driveway. Back in the hands of the gods!!!

Then a final house clean and another walk through to check everything has been fixed.

If everything goes well we could be moving in 2-3 weeks.

Nice to be able to see the finish line and know we will be moving very soon.

Has been a stress free build with McDonald Jones except for the weather which has delayed us and still is delaying us...

Sunday, 3 June 2012

The landscaping has started

Seems like everything is in slow motion at the moment... Driveway has been down for about 2 weeks and still has not been coloured (painted), assuming it is painted as we thought it was coloured concrete when it was laid. Colour is suppose to be Cova Bluestone...

Landscaping has started. Site has been cleared of rubbish and scraped and levelled. It looks so different with the fencing down. Actually looks like a house and not a work site any more.

On another plus we did notice our carpet has been laid over the past few days. Not alot left to do. Can't wait to move in that is for sure!


Exercise sign out the front