Saturday, 11 February 2012

The bricklaying has started

Well finally with some clear skies and the rain holding off for a few days the bricklayers have managed to return to the house to start bricklaying. Looks like they have made some good progress given they have only been there I think about 2 days!

Side wall of the garage is done and part of the wall on the media room and a few rows around the back of the house.

The brick colour looks great with the off white mortar and the bricklayers are doing a great job. Hoping this rain stays away all next week so they can return and really get stuck into it.


Alfresco wall

Back of house

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  1. Hi, your pics look great! We are building too and are around a few weeks behind you I think. I am very excited to have found someone who is also building with Urban One Pepper and flush joints, its coming along really well!